Facebook in conversation with interest group about nude images on the platform

Facebook is in talks with activists and artists to establish better rules for nude images on the platform. Various activist groups want Facebook to be more lenient with nude images in art and photography.

That’s what the National Coalition Against Censorship says, one of the groups that will talk to Facebook. Facebook’s policy department will set up a group of artists, teachers, museum curators and activists. That group, together with Facebook employees, will look at how it can implement a new approach to nude imagery on the platform. The NCAC wants Facebook to better understand the damage artists suffer as a result of the policy.

Facebook has been criticized for years for its rigid policy regarding nude images in, for example, photos of paintings or of breastfeeding women. They will be removed from the platform. Activists such as the NCAC disagree and have previously called on Facebook to take action against it. Among other things, the organization organized the #WeTheNipple campaign, in which 125 participants demonstrated naked in front of Facebook’s headquarters.