Valve says it will continue to work on Steam Machines

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Valve has said in a post on Steam that it is still striving for a competitive gaming platform. According to the company, the previous removal of a link to Steam Machines on Steam was only the result of a ‘clean up’ of the navigation interface.

Valve states that the relevant section of the Steam store is still available and that it was previously only removed based on user traffic. According to the game company, the previous takedown was just a routine cleanup of the Steam Store’s navigation and there are no significant changes to Valve’s commitment to the system.

The company does indicate that the Steam Machines do not sell very well. Furthermore, Valve reports that a lot has been learned about the Linux ecosystem through the Steam Machine initiative and that some shortcomings have been solved thanks to feedback. Valve says work is still underway to properly support the Vulkan API, including on Linux platforms. Finally, the company reports that SteamOS remains important for this.

Valve released SteamOS in 2013, with the intention that manufacturers would use it for their gaming hardware: the Steam Machines. Alienware, Alternate and Zotac, among others, have released such devices.

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