Five fun games for your smartphone

In addition to social media, games on your smartphone are also your greatest savior on the train, if you actually have to study, or when waiting for anything. There are so many games that it is difficult to choose something. We therefore help you with five fun games for your smartphone:

1. Elevator

With the game Elevator you have to move to the right. This can be done through the elevators that go up and down, but you have to time exactly right. It is an addictive game where you can constantly improve your record. Free download for iOS and Android .

2. Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game. You have to guide a girl, Ida, over the artworks to the cubicle on the other side. You do this by shifting or turning elements. But this is harder than it seems. It is based on the work of Esher, the artist. Optical illusion plays an important role in this. You can not really do some things. Monument Valley can be downloaded for 4.50 euros for iOS and for three euros on Android .

3. Blek

The game Blek is for real puzzlers and followers. You draw lines that move to how the line is drawn. The goal is that the line eventually touches colored balls. As the game progresses, it becomes more and more complicated. Challenge and fun! Blek can be downloaded for 3.50 euros for iOS and for three euros on Android .

4. Bike Racer

Get the finish line at various tracks with a motorcycle. That’s what the game Bike Racer is all about. With a gas and brake pedal on the screen you control the motorcycle. By tilting your phone to the left and right, the bike leans forwards or backwards. This game is free for iOS and Android .

5. The Room

Do you like puzzling? Then this is the right game for you. In The Room you have to open a chest. For this you have to solve puzzles, which bring you step by step closer to the contents of the box. Exciting! The Room is for just over one euro to download for iOS and Android .