F5 Networks acquires Nginx

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The American network company F5 Networks has acquired Nginx, the company behind the web server of the same name. F5 Networks pays 670 million dollars for Nginx, converted 597 million euros.

F5 will retain the Nginx brand name and the company’s CEO Gus Robertson and the two founders Igor Sysoev and Maxim Konovalov will lead Nginx at F5. Furthermore, F5 promises to continue investing in the open source project for the web server.

The company Nginx provides paid support for the open source web server and also offers commercial subscriptions such as Nginx Plus. More than four hundred million sites use Nginx and the software is popular because of the integrated load balancing functionality. The software is provided under a bsd license.

F5 is a supplier of network services and equipment and with Nginx in its ranks, the company wants to focus more on functionality for offering applications over the Internet.

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