EvLeaks: larger successor to LG G6 will be released in the summer

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According to a source of smartphone enthusiast Evan Blass, better known as EvLeaks, LG wants to release the successor to its G6 smartphone worldwide in the summer. This is a larger device with a Snapdragon 845-soc from Qualcomm.

In a post on VentureBeat, Blass writes that the new phone is codenamed Judy. Unlike the recently announced devices with modified color schemes, this device has to be a completely new design. For example, the screen has an 18:9 ratio and a diagonal of 6.1″, compared to the 5.7″ of the G6.

Thanks to a white subpixel, this RGBW screen should be able to achieve a brightness of 800 cd/m2 in combination with a 35 percent lower energy consumption of standard IPS LCDs. The RGBW pixel format is quite common, especially on LG OLED TVs.

In addition to a new soc, according to the source, the device is also equipped with 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, a dual 16-megapixel rear camera with f/1.6 aperture, IP68 rating for water resistance, stereo speakers, HDR10 support and wireless charging. The device should be released in June and will most likely not have the G7 designation, according to Blass.

At the end of January, LG said in response to rumors of a possible postponement of the G6 successor that production was on schedule, without announcing a release date. Postponement to re-evaluate the design would not be an issue.

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