Elite Dangerous Gets Expansion That Lets Players Walk Around Planets

Frontier Development has announced Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. The expansion for the space game allows players to land on planets and then explore them on foot. Planets contain missions and there will be an fps mode. The update will be released in 2021.

Developer Frontier shows a short teaser video and provides some details about the new expansion. For the first time, players are no longer tethered to their ship or vehicle and can walk on planets with an atmosphere. Once landed, they may encounter outposts and settlements. They are given unlimited freedom, according to the developer. Players can take on missions via NPCs. This may involve diplomatic or commercial missions, or combat missions.

According to the makers, the game will have intense combat from a first-person perspective. Players can work together with others and that should result in tactical multiplayer battles. Frontier plans to release the Odyssey expansion early next year. The studio will announce more details in the run-up to release.

Space simulator Elite Dangerous came out in 2014. The game has received several major expansions with new features. Currently there is a beta test with Fleet Carriers. Those spaceships allow players to travel greater distances in the galaxy.