Elden Ring Exploit Forces PC Players Into An Infinite Death Loop

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Social media users report that an exploit in the PC version of Elden Ring crashes their game and then forces them into an infinite death loop. Players are advised to backup their save file or turn off online mode.

A video on Twitter shows How a player’s world is invaded by a pvp player. Then the intruder performs a certain skill, after which the player’s game crashes. When the user restarts the game, he enters an endless ‘deathloop’, in which the character drops dead immediately after respawning.

Different users let us know on reddit that they are also affected by the exploit. A user reports that it is possible to bypass the deathloop by quickly pressing Alt and F4 to close the game before the character dies. A user can then restart the game and quickly teleport to a Site of Grace via the in-game map. Some users report that this indeed solves the problem, so demonstrates a Twitch streamer.

For now, PC players are advised to disable Elden Ring’s online mode in settings until the issue is resolved. Players can also back up their save file. That file can be found in: C:\Users\[gebruikersnaam]\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing.

Bandai Namco and From Software have not yet responded to the issue in Elden Ring. So it is not known when the studio will come up with a solution. Earlier this year, users reported another exploit in the PC versions of the Dark Souls trilogy, which enabled remote code execution. The studio then took the servers of those games offline and is still working on a solution.

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