Eindhoven University of Technology students present Stella Era solar car with autonomous functions

The Solar Team Eindhoven presents its new solar car Stella Era. The family car can, among other things, autonomously look for a sunny parking space. The student team is participating in the World Solar Challenge in Australia with the Stella Era.

The roof of the Stella Era is covered with solar panels and therefore, according to the students, the car can theoretically travel 1800 km. With four occupants, the Stella Era has a range of 1200 km. The car can also function as a charging station for other electric vehicles. The Stella Era is the fourth family car of the Solar Team Eindhoven. Previously there were the Stella, Stella Lux and Stella Vie. With the latter, the team won the Cruiser Class for practical cars at the 2017 competition in Australia. The race is held every two years, so the team is defending its title this year.

The Stella Era can find a sunny parking spot autonomously and takes into account the weather forecast and the distance to be driven while driving. That way the car can calculate how much energy is left to share with other cars. The student team has developed an accompanying Stella App, which theoretical owners could use to sell solar energy to other electric cars.