Edge gets first version of password manager LastPass

LastPass has released the first version of its eponymous password manager for Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Users who are in the fast ring of the Windows Insider program can use the extension right away.

LastPass is available to download directly from the Windows Store. However, the version of the Edge browser that supports extensions can only be obtained by users by enrolling in the Windows Insider program and placing themselves in the so-called fast ring. In it, users are the first to receive the latest updates for Windows 10 and associated apps. However, Microsoft does not guarantee that these are bug-free at the time of distribution. Insider Preview Build 14352, currently the newest, is required.

LastPass is the first password manager for Microsoft’s new Edge browser. Earlier this month, the popular ad blocker Adblock Plus also became available for the browser, which is exclusive to Windows 10.

With LastPass, users can store all usernames and passwords of their online accounts in the cloud and protect them with a single master password, which would then be the last password they need to remember. The app is available for multiple different browsers and operating systems. At the server level, pbkdf2-sha256 encryption is applied in addition to the encryption of the password stores on the user side. Also, authentication hashes based on a random salt are generated. Despite its tight security, LastPass has been hacked in the past and some have criticized the service for not being open source.