EA outage affects multiplayer games and Origin service – update

Publisher EA has an outage on its servers. As a result, gamers have problems reaching Origin and playing online games such as FIFA, Battlefield V and Apex Legends. EA acknowledges the problem, but it’s not yet clear what caused it.

It is not clear exactly where the malfunction is. The EA Help account on Twitter indicates that there is an outage affecting both EA and the EA Help Services. The Origin and Apex Legends accounts retweeted that message, without giving any further information.

The downdetector website shows that thousands of people report problems with the Origin service and with games such as Apex Legends, Battlefield V and FIFA 20. Due to the malfunction, the online components of the games are not accessible.

Update: 20:33: EA indicates that the problems have been solved. It was not disclosed what caused the outage.

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