E Ink shows prototype folding 10.3 “e-reader with Wacom stylus

E Ink’s R&D lab is demonstrating a foldable e-reader with a 10.3 “screen and built-in Wacom technology. It is the second prototype of the device. When foldable e-readers are ready for production, it is not yet clear .

According to Good e-Reader, which posted the video from E Ink’s development department, the second version of its prototype is a more elaborate device. The foldable e-reader with note function has a housing with sturdy hinges. That would ensure that the device cannot be closed too hard or too quickly.

The prototype includes a 10.3 “panel of E Ink with a resolution of 1872×1404 pixels. The device has a backlight, but the LEDs are mounted in slide-out covers on the top. With e-readers, the LEDs are normally in the housing processed and the screen is equipped with a light guide to distribute the light evenly. Apparently, this technique does not yet work with the foldable variant.

It is not obvious that E Ink will release a foldable e-reader itself. The manufacturer is the supplier of electronic paper screens used in most e-readers. It is not known whether other manufacturers are working on foldable e-readers and when they will appear.