Driver update: nVidia refresh rate fix 1.40 Win2k

nVidia has released a fix for the problem that some of their cards do not exceed the 60Hz refresh rate in Windows 2000, the fix is here to take down:

Windows 2000 NVidia Refresh Rate Fix is ​​a program which can be used to change the default 60Hz refresh rate under Windows 2000 with NVidia display adapters.

You only need to run this program once after you have installed (or reinstalled) your display adapter drivers. No other procedures are necessary.

Some key features of this program are:

Shows all the available modes and lets the user to select a new rate thru a simple point and click user interface

Verifies that all the changes are compatible with the monitor

The user can backup his current settings to a registry file which later can be imported by simply double clicking on it.

An option to set multiple modes at once by using either custom, or pre-defined actions

Clean and understandable wizard-like user interface[break]Thanks to Sinterklaas for the tip.

Version number 1.4
Operating systems Windows 2000
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