Driver update: Matrox G400/G450 (Win98 / WinMe)

In addition to the BIOS updates, Matrox has also released new drivers for the G400 and G450. These only work under Windows 98 and Me. Venator was kind enough to point this out to us. As you can see there are quite a few bug fixes in this release:

Main Fixes

– PowerDesk context menu is now visible (Win95)

– Textures change unexpectedly during gameplay of NHL 2001.

– Corruption Image on TV-Out (NTSC or PAL) when using Star Trek (series) in DualHead Multi-Display mode.

– Fixed problems with no textures in Laser Arena and Gore.

– Fixed Pro/DESKTOP corruption resizing workspace when using objects defined from the object palette.

– Fixed sudden slowdowns in Unreal Tournament and Soldier of Fortune.

– Fixed problem with X-plane not loading.

– Fixed text corruption problem with Unigraphics V17.0.

– Fixed Oni premature exit.

– Fixed Tribes 2 corruption on license screen

Main known issues

– System may hang when starting Need for Speed ​​Porsche Unleashed, battleZone II, Star trek Series, Renegade Racers, and Rollcage Stage in TVout -Clone mode

– Missing textures and z buffer issues in Virtual Pool 3

– You may experience corruption running Directx apps with Flat Panels

– TV out adjustment for G400 is not functional

– Choppy playback of DVD titles on PAL TV

Version number 6.51
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website Matrox