Driver update: ATi Radeon 4.13.7089 (Win9x)

hjs found on rage 3D new beta drivers for the ATi Radeon. They are almost 15MB in size and only suitable for Windows 95, 98 and Millennium Edition. The changes noticed by users are listed below:

  • W-Buffer toggle added to Direct3D tab
  • Alternate Pixel Center added to Direct3D tab
  • Cripser 2D (Curiophile)
  • NOLF text fixed (SirXcalibur)

Selecting Alternate Pixel Center may elminate problems with some D3D games which display vertical and horizontal lines around textures, or text that appears incorrect. However, this setting should only be used if you are experiencing the symptoms mentioned, as it may cause problems with other games.

Version number 4.13.7089
Operating systems Windows 9x
Website rage 3D