Download Driver For AMD Catalyst Linux Display Driver 13.9 – Update

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AMD has released new Linux drivers for its Radeon graphics cards along with drivers for Windows. The download is 110MB in size and can be used in both 32bit and 64bit environments. Version 13.9 is suitable for the Radeon HD 5000 and higher and the integrated chipsets from the 6200D. In addition, versions 6.9 and later of Xserver, Linux kernel 2.6 and later, and glibc versions 2.2 and 2.3 are supported. AMD has not released any release notes yet, but at Phoronix they had the following to say about it:

Update 21 Sept, 19.00: AMD has taken this driver offline and guesses to continue using AMD Catalyst 13.8 Beta for Linux. The new version will be released in October.

AMD Catalyst 13.9 Linux Graphics Driver Released

AMD has officially released Catalyst 13.9 for Linux today. The Catalyst 13.9 release incorporates features from earlier betas like providing X.Org Server 1.14 support, handling for the GLX_EXT_buffer_age extension, UVD/OpenGL/VSync fixes, and more.

No official release announcement/change-log has yet to be issued about Catalyst 13.9 for Linux, but it’s available for download from this forum thread.

Version number 13.9
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris
Website AMD
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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