Disney Plus appears in America on November 12

We already knew that Disney had pointed the arrows at Netflix by starting its own streaming service, but that battle is fought a little fiercer proves the monthly price of Disney Plus. The service appears November 12 in America for a surprising $ 7 a month. That is almost half of Netflix, which costs 13 dollars.

The service first goes up in the air in America and we are expected to be there somewhere in 2020. That’s a shame because many interesting series for Disney Plus have been announced and we of course don’t want to read spoilers in the meantime. For example, there is a spin-off from Star Wars called The Mandalorian and a prequel from Rogue One.

What if

Van Marvel a Loki series has been announced and a live-action series by The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. There is WandaVision with Vision and Scarlet Witch and an animation series called Marvel’s What if. The latter becomes interesting because epic moments from the cinematic universe will be relived with a twist. What if it wasn’t Thanos, but Loki with the infinity gauntlet: that is already some input from us, but whether Disney’s series also asks such questions, that remains to be seen.

Of course, Disney princesses also come to the service, such as a documentary about how Frozen 2 is made and two Toy Story projects called Forky Asks a Question and Lamp Life. But also other princesses, although they are now general: all Star Wars films and all Pixar films can be streamed on Disney Plus. To infinity may be the force with you.

Because Disney now has pretty much the entire entertainment world in its white glove, there was also something new about the purchase of 21st Century Fox. Disney Plus is also being expanded with all 30 (!) Seasons of The Simpsons, the Malcolm in the Middle series and films such as The Sound of Music and The Princess Bride.

Tension with the streaming services

In any case, various companies are sharpening their knives for the streaming war that is coming. Netflix is ​​now still comfortable, but soon Disney and Apple TV Plus will make the red N difficult. But they also don’t make it easy for each other.

Apple has managed to snare none other than the vice president of Disney Plus International. Yes, Chiara Cipriani will switch to the competition before Disney Plus comes out. At Disney she was responsible for Europe, Africa and the Middle East and as director of Apple TV Plus she will manage exactly the same region.

The best seats in the streaming service battle are by the way for Disney. To be precise, CEO Bob Iger. He is not only in a top place at Disney, he is also part of the Apple board of directors. Incidentally, Disney itself does not think that it will soon become larger than Netflix: it expects to have 60 to 90 million subscribers by the end of 2024. Netflix now has 140 million.

Captain Marvel

So it will not run so fast, but that competition is breaking out for sure. We are curious about what the streaming landscape will look like in a year’s time, as hopefully we too can enjoy all the Disney splendor that is increasingly being taken away from us on Netflix. Good to know: Captain Marvel is the first film to be seen exclusively on Disney Plus, so not – like previous Avengers films for example – on Netflix. The endgame is on.