Digital Foundry: DLSS 2.2 improves image quality and has less ghosting

A number of games are equipped with a new 2.2 version of Nvidia’s DLSS technology. That version also appears to be applicable in other games, by replacing a .dll file. Digital Foundry shows that this provides better image quality.

DLSS 2.2 is officially implemented in Lego Builder’s Journey and Rainbow Six Siege. Nvidia has not released any information about this new version itself, but it appears to be possible to use DLSS 2.2 in other games as well, by replacing a .dll file. Digital Foundry provides details about this in a video and shows the differences.

Eurogamer’s technical department tested Metro Exodus, Death Stranding and Cyberpunk 2077 with the new DLSS version, among others. Comparisons show that the new DLSS version notably causes less ghosting in those games, despite the fact that no specific DLSS 2.2 update has been released for these games. Thin lines with movement behind them are also sharper with the new version.

Digital Foundry focuses in the video on the Performance mode of DLSS, where games are rendered at a quarter of the output resolution. Specific DLSS version 2.2.6 delivers according to Alex Battaglia at least in Doom Eternal the best results.