DICE’s New Battlefield Game Coming Out Next Year

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EA has announced that a new Battlefield game from DICE will be released next year. Previously, the publisher only said it would be released before April 2022. DICE stops work on Star Wars Battlefront II. That game will receive a final expansion on Wednesday.

Last week it was already announced that Battlefield V will receive a final expansion in June. Now developer DICE reports that the expansions for Star Wars Battlefront II are also coming to an end. A final expansion, titled The Battle on Scarif, will be released on Wednesday. Players return to combat from the tropical environment inspired by the movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. That environment was also in the first Star Wars Battlefront game.

Battlefront II has received 25 free updates with new additions in the past two years, according to the makers. DICE is ceasing work on Battlefield V and Star Wars Battlefront II to focus on a new Battlefield game, due out next year. This is evident from a statement from EA that Eurogamer has received. In it, the publisher confirms that the new game will be released next year, more details are not yet known.

EA announced at the end of last year at the presentation of quarterly figures that there will be no Battlefield game in 2020. The publisher wants to support existing games with live services for longer and release fewer new games.

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