PUBG is available for Google Stadia and free with Pro version

Google is making PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds available through its game streaming service Stadia. The game is free for Pro version subscribers. The game can also be purchased for $30 to use with the free version of Stadia.

Battle royale game PUBG can be played immediately with Stadia. The Pro version of the game streaming service is free for all users to use for the first two months. Gamers who continue to pay monthly for the Pro version can continue to play PUBG without purchasing the game. If you only use the free version of Stadia, you have to pay for the game separately. The game is available in the Stadia Store for 30 euros, but there are also more expensive versions that include a season pass and cosmetic extras.

Google announced the arrival of PUBG in a Stadia Connect broadcast. In it, Google also says that a number of EA games are coming to the service, including FIFA, Madden NFL and Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Those games will be available on the service from the fall. Players must purchase them in order to play them.

In the broadcast, Google shows a number of other games that will become available, including title that will first only appear on Stadia. This includes Crayta, a multiplayer game in which players can create their own games. In the summer, Google promises to come up with a new Stadia Connect broadcast, then more information will be announced about Orcs Must Die 3.