Epic temporarily requires two-step authentication for claiming free games

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In the coming weeks, Epic will require users to use two-factor authentication if they want to claim free games from the Epic Games Store. The company says it is doing this to encourage more players to use the extra layer of security.

Users who have not set up two-factor authentication on their Epic Games Store account will be notified when they attempt to claim a free game between April 28 and May 21. They will not be able to add the games to their account until they enable the feature.

Other functionality of the Epic Games Store will not change. So players can still buy and play games without using two-factor authentication. It is not known how many users use the extra layer of security at the game store. Early this year, Epic said its games store has a total of 108 million users.

Epic offers a choice of two-factor authentication via app, SMS or email. Earlier in its popular game Fortnite, Epic rewarded players with a free dance if they set up two-step authentication on their Fortnite account.

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