Cryorig comes with copper version of compact C7 processor cooler

Cryorig has announced the C7 Cu processor cooler. It is a variant of the existing C7, but the Cu model is more expensive and completely made of copper. This should ensure better cooling performance. The cooler is intended for small form factor systems.

The cooler is intended for itx motherboards and because of its small height it can be placed in a small housing. The heatsink has dimensions of 97x97mm and is 47mm high, including the supplied 92mm fan.
The copper block weighs 295 grams and the total weight is 675 grams. The specifications of the Cyrorig C7 Cu version are exactly the same as those of the regular C7 processor, which mainly consists of aluminum and only has a copper contact plate.
The cooling capacity of the copper variant is according to the manufacturer 15 percent better than the C7. Therefore, the Cyrorig C7 Cu should be able to cool a processor with a tdp of 115 watts. With the regular variant, that is a maximum of 100 watts. The supplied fan runs at a speed between 600 and 2500rpm.
Cryorig releases the copper cpu cooler in June for a suggested retail price of fifty euros. This makes the C7 Cu two tens more expensive than the regular C7 version, which came out last year.



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