Crackdown 3 multiplayer mode does not include an option to invite friends

Wrecking Zone, a multiplayer mode of the upcoming Xbox One game Crackdown 3, does not contain the option to invite friends and thus make the game world unsafe as a team.

On Crackdown 3’s official Discord channel, the official Microsoft account stated that Wrecking Zone does not support pre-built groups. It is unknown if support for inviting friends will be available in the future.

Wrecking Zone is a special multiplayer mode where five players compete against five opponents. This mode is all about the destruction of the environment, which can be completely destroyed. The associated calculations are handled by the Azure cloud service.

Crackdown 3 will be officially released on Friday for Xbox One and Windows. The release of the game has been delayed several times and the original dates back to 2007. In terms of gameplay, Crackdown 3 is largely similar to its predecessors. Players take on the role of special agents who have to dismantle the infrastructure of various organizations in a fictional city.