Controversial internet forum 8chan is back online under the name 8kun

The controversial internet forum 8chan is back, this time under the new name 8kun. The site was taken offline in August after being linked to several major attacks. The relaunch is accompanied by teething problems.

8kun presents itself as a milder version of 8chan. “Speak free, legally” is the welcome message on the reincarnated forum. Predecessor 8chan’s position was that anything could be said. According to an tweet from 8chan the site has received over 200 migration requests for imageboards and nearly all of the 25 most popular subforums are back online.

However, 8ku seems to be experiencing a number of starting problems and possibly also cyber attacks. Users complain, among other things, about posts that do not appear online or are delayed.

8chan went offline three months ago, including when security firm Cloudflare decided to end its DDoS protection after the forum was linked to several major attacks. The perpetrators of the attacks in New Zealand’s Christchurch and the American city of El Paso, among others, were inspired by the extremist ideas on the site. The El Paso attacker even published a manifesto on 8chan.

There is a meaning behind the name change, reports VRT NWS; where -chan is the Japanese suffix for girls, -kun refers to boys. With this, 8chan would like to show that the site has learned from the mistakes of the past.