EVA Facial Mouse is a free Android app that adds a mouse cursor to your device that you can control with your facial movements. It uses the front camera to record facial movements and use it to control the cursor on the screen.

This Android app can works with all Android running devices, like a phone or a tablet. It also has an option to rotate the camera photo vertically so that you can easily use the device in landscape position. Movements of cursor, clicks and other settings are fully customizable. You can also connect an external camera for detection of facial movements.

The first installation of this app is quite long but simple. When you open it for the first time, the camera opens and your face is detected. You then go through an installation wizard to enable options and personalize the app. The main app screen gives you the main switch to turn the app on or off. If you have somehow skipped the first installation, you can restart it here.

The installation wizard shows how you can use each function one by one. First, it tells you about the function and then gives you options to personalize it accordingly. With this installation wizard you can fully adjust the mouse position, movements, clicks, movement, tapping, long press, scrolling, etc.

Once the installation is complete, you can control the mouse with your face movements and use your Android device. There are a few handy options that are not covered in the installation wizard; you can enable them from within the app settings.

Here is a list of all the personalization that you can apply to this app:

Motion Settings

  • Horizontal Sensitivity
  • Vertical Sensitivity
  • Movement Flattening
  • Movement Threshold [19659019] Acceleration Reduce sensitivity when using the keyboard

Click on Settings

  • Dwell Area (time to wait before clicking)
  • Dwell Time (movement tolerance to restart Dwell click)
  • Play sound when clicking] ] Cursor size

Apart from that, there are detection and camera settings where you get options to automatically turn off EVA when no face is detected and to turn on the Camera 2 API together with support for the external camera.