Company discontinues custom PlayStation 5 panels following Sony threat lawsuit

A company that offered custom side panels for the PlayStation 5 stopped doing so after Sony threatened to go to court. According to Sony, the company is infringing intellectual property with the side panels.

The British company CustomizeMyPlates was already taking orders for the custom side panels, which were offered for around 35 euros. The plastic panels were planned to be available two weeks after the console’s release. There was a choice of different colors and motifs. Orders have been canceled and buyers will be refunded.

The company tells Video Games Chronicle that it has stopped using the side panels following threats from Sony to file a lawsuit. According to the PlayStation 5 manufacturer, the company infringed intellectual property by offering custom side panels for the console.

The company says it first researched and thought it could offer the side panels without getting into legal trouble. Sony has applied for a patent on the side panels, but that has not yet been granted. Sony previously forced the company to change its name. Initially that was PlateStation5 and according to the console manufacturer that looked too much like PlayStation 5.

However, after changing the name, Sony continued to hold back. The company wants to avoid going to court and has therefore stopped offering the side panels. The company now only sells skins, stickers that can be stuck on the panels.

In October, Sony showed a teardown of the PlayStation 5 for the first time. It showed that users can easily release the white side panels. So it would be easy to install replacement panels, for example for users who want a different color. It is not yet known whether Sony will release replacement side panels in the future.

PlayStation 5 side panels that the company wanted to offer Teardown PlayStation 5

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