Code in apk indicates Google Assistant integration for FitBit smartwatches

The code in the FitBit for Android app seems to point to Google Assistant integration for the company’s smartwatches. It is not known on which smartwatches that would happen, but 9to5Google compares how Amazon Alexa works on the Versa 2.

9to5 Google looked at the APK of the FitBit app . In it, the site discovered several strings that point to the integration of Google Assistant. It concerns a string with which the assistant can be activated and two error codes.

In addition, the code refers to three XML files for, among other things, setting up the Assistant. The strings also contain a text that states that users can only have one active voice assistant in use.

The latter indicates that Google’s assistant is likely to come to Versa 2 anyway. It now also supports Alexa, Amazon’s smart assistant. It could also be possible that a new smartwatch will come out that has not yet been announced.

The development is interesting because the acquisition of FitBit by Google is not yet complete. Wired previously wrote that FitBit and Google were already talking about an Assistant integration for the Versa 2 before the acquisition, but that the internet giant was not very interested in that at the time.