Cloudflare averts 26 million requests per second ddos ​​attack

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Cloudflare registered a DDoS attack last week with 26 million requests per second. The number of requests per second via https in this attack exceeds that of the previous attack in April. It had a size of 15 million requests per second.

The attack targeted a Cloudflare customer’s website. The company has the attack, they say, averted† Like the attack in April, this attack also took place via https. This is remarkable, because more computing power is required for encrypted connections. As a result, attackers have to pay higher amounts for DDOs attacks via TLS connections, Cloudflare writes.

What Cloudflare also notices is that the attack comes from a bot network made up of 5,067 bots. Each individual bot generated an average of 5,200 requests per second. By comparison, Cloudflare brings in a larger bot network, which the company has been tracking for quite some time. That network consists of 730,000 bots and can only deliver 1000 requests per second.

In less than 30 seconds, the botnet generated more than 212 million requests across more than 1,500 networks. The networks are spread over 121 countries. More than 15 percent of the requests came from Indonesia. The reason for the attack is unknown.

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