US airport websites targeted by Russian hackers

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Fourteen websites of American airports were hit Monday by cyber attacks by the Russian hacker group Killnet. It would concern the public websites, so that the actual air traffic remained unhindered.

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport, among others, were according to CNN victim of ddos ​​attacks carried out by Killnet. A few hours later, most affected websites would be accessible again, while air travel and wait times would not be affected. However, it would have been difficult for consumers to book flights via the relevant websites during the cyber attacks.

Killnet is a pro-Russian hacker group that has carried out multiple cyber attacks against NATO countries since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In almost all cases, it concerned DDoS attacks on government agency websites. For example, last week it was claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on US government websites. It is not clear whether the hacktivists have direct ties to Moscow or operate on their own. Killnet was targeted by hacker group Anonymous earlier this year after alleged threats against Italian public services.

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