Chrome on Android gets tab grouping feature

The Android version of Google browser Chrome is getting a feature to organize tabs into groups. For example, users have to keep more overview over open tabs. The function can also be turned off.

The feature has been in Chrome for the desktop for some time and has also been made available on Android with the latest version, says 9to5Google. Google had already announced the arrival of the feature in 2019. The groups make it possible, for example, to put tabs on the same subject or for the same purpose in a window.

The overview shows how many tabs there are in the group and a tap opens an overview of those tabs. When users view a page that is in a group, a bar with favicons of pages in that group appears at the bottom to quickly switch between the various tabs in the group.

The interface therefore differs from what the overview of tabs has looked like in Chrome on Android in recent years. Disabling is possible by adjusting a flag, by entering chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout in the address bar and then setting that option to disabled. The new Chrome version is in the Play Store, but it doesn’t seem to be available to all users yet.

Interface of tab groups in Chrome on Android. Source: 9to5Google