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Check your bags without paper and hassle with the bag tag

The Bagtag might well prevent you from missing your flight in the future. It is a digital e-ink device that you can stick on your suitcase . Then you can check in your suitcase via your smartphone, send the label to the Bagtag via bluetooth and you’re done. You might say that this is asking for broken screens, but the Bagtag as a whole and especially the screen are made to survive even the crass baggage handlers.

Another advantage is that the screen ensures that your label is always readable. Paper labels can sometimes go through or tear and then it is immediately difficult to read the barcode. You do not have that problem with the Bagtag either.

You can attach the bag tag to your suitcase in all sorts of ways, whether you stick it, tie it or even screw it into it. Can the thing all have, it can deal with all weather conditions and once it is on you get it only with a lot of difficulty. The same applies to the electronic label: the connection between your smartphone and the digital label is hardware-encrypted and the non-removable battery, according to the makers, about 2500 flights. So when the device is sitting on your suitcase, your check-in concerns are over, so the company says.

Little support for Bagtag

The invention comes from Germany, or so it seems. You can see that from the airlines where you can use the electronic luggage label: Austrian, Swiss and Lufthansa. This means that KLM / Air France and all other airlines do not participate yet, or in any case do not yet have the possibility to generate your luggage label yourself. That is really bales, because the idea of ​​an electronic label that you can stick on your suitcase is cool. Hopefully this technology will be widely accepted, because it saves another row that you do not have to stand in at the airport.

I can imagine that you are thinking “the one time a year I fly”, but remember that in addition to regular travelers, everyone who goes once or twice a year also uses a paper label. That is a total of about four billion labels that are printed every year, with all the ecological consequences that entails. The big disadvantage is of course that if your suitcase goes foetsie, your bagtag is gone too. Then the only advantage is that the thing costs ‘only’ 90 euros and that is still the case now. If it turns out to be a success, it can always be cheaper, and as suitcases themselves start placing similar gadgets on suitcases, this may be the new standard. Why not? When the Internet of Things touches everything, suitcases are a great place to start.

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