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Apple is now claiming 100% on renewable energy

Apple has been working on it for a long time, but they have now achieved it: the whole company operates on one hundred percent renewable energy. This does not mean that all power generated by all Apple devices is green: it is only about the offices of the tech giant and the data centers that are spread all over the world. That is still a big achievement on a company that is as big as Apple.

The suppliers (in total more than 200) of Apple are not all by far. However, 23 partners of Apple now have completely green electricity and a number announced at the same time with Apple that they were complete ‘up’. Examples are manufacturers Quanta Computer and Pegatron. Strangely enough, the name Foxconn is nowhere to be seen, but they had been busy for a while to operate sustainably.


Apple chief executive Tim Cook now wants the energy horde to be taken further. “We are now going to look at new ways to recycle the materials in our devices” says Cook. Now you could very cynically say that this is a great excuse to push repair further than by Apple even further back but it will certainly be good for the environment if there is better recycled.

However, there is also just continuing to work smarter with green electricity. Apple has about 25 projects running that and that all together generates more than 600 megawatts of power. The fact that investments are piling up can be seen from the fact that half of that capacity was only built last year in the form of solar panels. It is therefore not strange that Greanpeace Apple is high: they reached as good as the top and had to tolerate only the tiny Fairphone. Then you do it as a billion-dollar company more than fine, climate-technical in any case.

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