CD Projekt to Restructure to Make Multiple AAA Games Simultaneously

CD Projekt wants to be able to make several major AAA games and expansions simultaneously and is therefore restructuring. In addition, the company does not want to start the marketing campaign until later in the development of the game and wants to show images from all platforms.

To develop more games, the company says it will give the CTO a greater role within the company and CD Projekt will centralize and improve the development of the REDengine. The development studio is also being restructured into multiple, interdisciplinary teams that will work in an agile way. These teams will be supported by ‘experts’ and will work for both Cyberpunk and The Witcher games.

With these changes, the developer must create games in a different way and the company must become more proactive. This should make it possible to develop multiple games at the same time from 2022. The company also says it wants to work on a ‘sustainable and caring work environment’. In the video below, the company says it wants to reduce employee stress and prevent burnouts. It should be easier for employees to talk to senior citizens, and they also receive workshops that deal with mental health. There will also be a works council-like body.

CD Projekt RED, a division of CD Projekt that is responsible for games like The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077, will promote games for a shorter period of time. The company will only share trailers, demos and in-depth information about in-game mechanics closer to the release of a game. However, the company does not rule out announcing games early through smaller teasers.

The developer also wants to better deal with fan expectations by communicating less about concepts and more about ‘polished’ in-game visuals. In addition, the company will share more images from all platforms on which a game is released. Cyberpunk 2077 only showed images from next-gen consoles or high-performance PCs. As a result, gamers were disappointed to see that the game looked less beautiful on current-gen consoles and less powerful PCs. On the current-gen consoles, there were other limitations, such as fewer NPCs on the street. According to gamers, this resulted in less atmosphere, among other things.

CD Projekt also stops with the five-year plans, but instead wants to publish a roadmap every year. Finally, in order to grow the company, CD Projekt wants to invest in broadening its game brands and use more media forms such as TV series, books, comics and toys.