Canon Introduces Higher Resolution EOS R6 II System Camera

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Canon has announced the successor to the previously released EOS R6 system camera. Like its predecessor, the EOS R6 Mark II has a full-frame sensor, but this time the resolution is slightly higher.

Where the predecessor had to make do with a 20-megapixel sensor, the new one has EOS R6 II a sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels. It concerns a regular cmos sensor and not a backside illuminated sensor or BSI; it’s not a stacked sensor either. According to the manufacturer, the new camera can shoot 40 frames per second in photo mode with the electronic shutter or 12 fps with the mechanical shutter.

The autofocus has also been improved thanks to machine learning, which means that there are more categories than just ‘people’ and ‘animals’ as with the original R6. The vehicle category now also includes aircraft and trains, and as regards animals, horses and zebras are now also recognized. There is also an automatic function in which the camera determines what to follow, so that the user does not have to manually select the correct category.

Multiple media Those who were able to test an early production copy report that there have been more significant improvements in video to limit overheating. The predecessor could not record more than 30 minutes of footage in 4k60 and that limitation has now been extended to 40 minutes for the entire sensor and 50 minutes if not the entire sensor is used. Furthermore, 180fps is now possible with a 1080p resolution, where it previously stuck at 120fps.

The Canon EOS R6 II will be available from the end of November and seems to be priced slightly above 2900 euros.

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