Broadcasting Twitch streams becomes possible from Android and iOS’s streaming functionality is coming to smartphones, tablets, and other devices running Android or iOS. The company is releasing the Twitch SDk, which makes it possible for developers to integrate the streaming functionality of the website into an app.

With the Twitch SDk it will soon be possible to stream both the audio and video of a mobile game. It is also possible to save and upload clips to the site. Not only can images from mobile games be used with Twitch, it is also possible to capture images from the front-facing camera and sound recorded by the internal and external microphones.

To take into account the different computing power of different devices, it is possible to broadcast in high, medium and low quality. Also, as with Twitch on other platforms, there is a chat feature, including emoticons and the ability to quickly find related streams.

Twitch has made the release of the SDK coincide with the ten millionth installation of the Twitch app on a smart device. According to the company, installations are split equally between Android and iOS. Twitch already has applications on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.