British police are looking at options for exoskeleton and bullet-resistant graphene

The British Home Office is looking at which technologies are of interest to the ‘agent of the future’. The use of exoskeletons, smart glasses and bulletproof vests based on graphene, among other things, would offer possibilities.

Plans to equip the British bobby with new technology so that he can do his job better, surfaced after The Guardian received information about this via a WOB request. The proposals come from the Ministry of the Interior and were presented during a closed meeting with a number of companies.

The proposals describe an agent whose legs have an exoskeleton attached. As a result, a bobby should not only be able to run faster, but also be able to last longer. By wearing smart glasses à la Google Glass, an agent must also receive live relevant information about the environment. This information can come from social networks, for example, but also from systems used by the police. In addition, the authors of the plan see opportunities in smartwatches.

To further improve freedom of movement, the Kevlar bulletproof vests should be replaced by much thinner and lighter vests based on the ‘wonder material’ graphene. Finally, there are proposals to equip officers with portable cameras.

With its plans for a ‘robocop’, the British government hopes to get companies to develop the necessary hardware and software. This should improve the UK’s position in the security products market.