Box Releases Box Sign to Sign Documents in the Cloud

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Cloud office parcel service Box comes with a function to digitally sign documents. Box Sign lets users sign documents stored in the cloud.

The service is called Box Sign . Users can use Box Sign to put signatures on documents stored in Box, but it is also possible to integrate documents directly into apps such as Slack or SalesForce via the Box integrations . Developers can also self-deploy Box Sign in their own apps with various APIs .

The function is only available for users of a Business or an Enterprise package. They get the function for free with their package. Users can put an unlimited number of signatures with it. This distinguishes Box from competing services such as Adobe or DocuSign, where users do have restrictions on the number of documents they can sign.

Box Sign is one of the biggest features Box has announced in a long time. The feature comes directly from the acquisition of the company SignRequest. Box took over that start-up in February for 46 million euros.

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