Bloomberg: Next iPhones will get iPad-like design with flat sides

Apple will provide the following iPhone models with an iPad-like design, according to Bloomberg. The news agency is referring to a design with flat sides and more sharply rounded corners. A similar design is used in the iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro

According to Bloomberg, Apple will release four successors to the iPhone 11 series this year: two more affordable models that succeed the iPhone 11, and two more expensive smartphones that replace the iPhone 11 Pro devices. At least the more expensive models would have a flatter design, report “sources familiar with Apple’s plans.” The devices would also have flat screens. Current iPhone 11 models have screen edges that are slightly curved.

The most expensive model would have a larger screen than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, with smaller screen bezels and a presumably smaller notch for the selfie camera and Face ID sensors. In future models, Apple would like to remove the notch completely.

Bloomberg sources also state that the new iPhones, like the most recent iPad Pro, will include a camera setup with a time-of-flight sensor. Apple calls this cool sensor a lidar sensor. There have been rumors about the ‘iPhone 12 Pro’ cameras before. The new iPhones will also probably support 5G.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is working on a new, more affordable HomePod speaker. This product would be smaller than the current HomePod, but otherwise have a similar design. Development of the smart speaker is said to have been delayed due to the new coronavirus, but the speaker should be released in the second half of 2020. According to the financial news agency, Apple would also be working on new versions of the Macbook Pro, Apple TV, more affordable iPads and a new iMac. Also called AirTags.

The current iPhone 11 Pro with ’round’ sides