Blockchain the solution for everything? Almost everything…

Although as a person, through the Internet, we can know more and more, the trust that we really know things is decreasing. Take only the proliferation of quality marks that you encounter on lids, tubs and other types of packaging. Who else believes that these labels are a guarantee that the food in question is really ‘healthy’ and ‘responsible’? That it is something other than a trick to give buyers a good feeling? The ultimate consequence of this trust-cum- information crisis – ‘what is really right now?’ – is the fact that people tend to take matters into their own hands and grow their own food. Back to small scale. To earlier times. To autarkie, so.

As a software entrepreneur I endorse the mistrust of the consumer, but by 2018 I would not be committed to doing everything myself, no matter how healthy, natural and authentic it seems. Knowing that the world’s population will continue to grow explosively in the coming decades, I am committed to a smarter way of restoring trust. By strictly following the route of a product, via blockchain technology and forcing parties involved with a watertight system of tokens and crypto coins to honesty. And in such a way that what you see on a packaging – think of a QR code – is a one-to-one proof that a product has actually been created on a certain (sustainable, healthy, fair) basis.


Currently I am working with my company ByeleX on such a project, the POPcoin (Palm Oil Provenance Coin). A coin that is part of an ingenious Blockchain that forces producers, processing companies, traders and palm oil end sellers to be honest about their actions. With the reward that they are part of a value chain, which gives consumers the guarantee that the palm oil in the purchased product has been produced sustainably (as a result of which the value of that palm oil rises, in favor of all parties involved!).

When this Blockchain-in-the-making is going to succeed the way we envision it, this billions business will soon change drastically. ‘Sustainable’ palm oil will become the fully controllable standard and ‘wild’ palm oil – which is so harmful to the environment, especially the jungle – will soon die a silent death.

That Blockchain technology can contribute to a healthier condition of the earth in this way is very valuable to me. And it motivates me to get that ingenious Blockchain, which I just described, up and running as soon as possible “.

Be aware, prosperity and prosperity are going to ‘threaten’ us faster than crisis and war, and Blockchain technology is going to make a big contribution.