Blizzard sets up World of Warcraft Community Council for player contact

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Blizzard introduces the so-called World of Warcraft Community Council. Through that platform, the developer wants to communicate more with the community and receive feedback. Players can register, after which a selection takes place.

Blizzard writes that the goal of the World of Warcraft Community Council comes down to collecting more detailed feedback on all aspects of World of Warcraft. The company wants to receive that feedback from players around the world “with a wide range of backgrounds and interests.” The program is not intended to share unannounced information; it’s about sharing current experiences and those from the past.

The developer also says it wants to promote discussion between players of all kinds of different play styles. This concerns, for example, players who undertake many raids, but Blizzard also wants to hear from players who play on multiple characters or who focus on achievements. In order to gather such a diverse group, Blizzard will also ask about areas of interest and expertise during the application process.

Once the selection has been made, the selected players will be given the opportunity to post in a discussion forum that is publicly visible. Members are asked to post their experiences and perspectives on this forum, where Blizzard developers and community managers can also open topics. A private discussion between only the selected people is also possible.

All players can register, but a selection will take place. The group of selected people is active for a year and after that Blizzard opens the registrations again. In this way, the company wants to ensure that new voices can be heard again and again. The company does not say much about the selection procedure, such as the size of the groups.

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