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Blizzard gives a new look

Blizzard is arriving with an update for The game launcher gets a new look. The new version is currently being rolled out to users in North America. The rest of the world is expected to follow soon.

Blizzard announces the new design on its website . It also states what new functionalities users can expect from this update. It’s the biggest change for in the past eight years.

In addition to the new look, Blizzard mentions a number of new features, including a different navigation and more space for information and news about a game. It is striking that in the first screenshots the social and news tab have been dropped.

Finally, Blizzard reports that accessibility options for have been looked at. According to the publisher, users can now also navigate with just a keyboard. In addition, the contrast between different elements was examined, so that the content is more visible to users with a visual impairment. Screen reader support has also been added for this group.

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