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Microsoft has released a patch for a bug that makes hard disk unreadable

A bug in Windows 10 causes an NTFS drive to get corrupted with a simple command, which can also be run on an account without admin rights. Microsoft says it is working on a solution.

The bug can be triggered by a .url shortcut, but also when opening a zip file. In addition, it is possible that a computer crashes even if the user opens the folder where the zip file has been extracted, without further user interaction being required. After the command is executed, Windows shows an error message that a file or folder is unreadable. The disk is then no longer accessible. This works for the C drive, as well as other drives.

When a disk is made unreadable by the bug, the computer must be restarted. Then the disk can be analyzed via chksdk and restored in most cases.

A security researcher warned about the bug on Twitter earlier in January . Across from The Verge , Microsoft has announced that they’re working on a fix, and that will be released in a future release. According to the researcher, Windows 10 from version 1083 contains the bug. Windows 8 and 8.1 would also be vulnerable.

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