Bethesda removes Denuvo-drm from Rage 2

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Bethesda removed the Denuvo drm from Rage 2 two days after its release. The developers say they have had ‘a number’ of requests to do so. Earlier it appeared that the version that Bethesda sells through its own launcher does not have Denuvo.

The Steam version of Rage 2 has received a hotfix that removes copy protection from the game. Bethesda delivered the game through its own platform from day one without Denuvo-drm and as a result the game was quickly cracked.

It is not uncommon for developers to remove the Denuvo drm from their games after it has been cracked. This often happens quietly, without the developer explicitly reporting it. Bethesda also does not provide a detailed explanation, but at least acknowledges that the DRM has been removed and also indicates that people have requested it.

Many gamers strongly oppose the Denuvo drm because it can negatively affect the performance of games.

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