be quiet! comes with new sfx and tfx power supplies

The German manufacturer be quiet! comes with two new power supplies: the SFX Power 2 and the TFX Power 2. The two models are designed for small housings and offer 300 and 400 watts, with the minimum certification being that of 80-plus bronze.

The two new models are based on the smaller sfx and tfx form factors. Both models are again divided into two variants, which look identical, but differ in specifications. The tfx model offers 300 watts of power in both cases, and is available with 80-plus gold and 80-plus bronze certification. Due to the larger size, the sfx model is available with both 300 and 400 watts. Both variants do have a certification of 80-plus bronze.

All models and variants are cooled by 80mm fans and produce 33.9dBA of noise in the extreme. The bronze-certified tfx model and the 300-watt sfx model cost 55 euros and the other two cost 67 euros. The new power supplies from be quiet! are available immediately.

Update, 21:42: This article reported that this is the first sfx and tfx power supplies from be quiet! goes. This turned out to be incorrect and the article has been amended.