Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Brings Back Titan Game Mode From BF2142

The Naval Strike dlc pack for Battlefield 4 focuses on naval combat and includes four maps, five weapons, a vehicle and two gadgets. This is evident from new information about the third expansion. Plus, the Titan game mode from Battlefield 2142 is back.

Titan returns as a game mode under the name Carrier Assault. On the site of Battlefield, the developer says that the game mode will be a reinterpretation of the well-known game mode from Battlefield 2142. The Titan game mode revolved around two teams taking out each other’s floating warships, called Titans. This first required a battle on the ground, which revolved around deploying missile installations to take out the Titans’ shields. The ships could then be raided to eliminate them from within.

The second expansion for Battlefield 4, Second Assault, will be available on February 18 for those with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership. Naval Assault will be released at the end of March for Premium members. For non-Premium members, the DLCs will arrive two weeks later.

In December 2013, publisher Electronic Arts stated that work on the expansion packs for Battlefield 4 would not continue until all technical issues with the game have been resolved. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case yet; the latest patch of February 13 actually seems to bring back a previously fixed problem, players report on the official forum of the online shooter.