Bad news: iPhone 13 price shoots up

Bad news for people who want to upgrade their iPhone in September: the iPhone 13 price is expected to be higher.

More expensive chips

Apple appears to be planning to raise the price of the iPhone 13 due to the increased costs of Apple’s chip supplier, TSMC. This reports tech website DigiTimes.

TSMC is working on new techniques that lead to increasingly expensive manufacturing processes. The most important development the company is working on is the reduction of the processor process. This allows you to fit more transistors on a smaller surface, resulting in faster chips that consume less energy.

The new techniques and processes needed to make those smaller chips will drive up the costs for TSMC’s customers. In the case of Apple, it would be an increase of 3 to 5%, with other customers as much as 20%.

Higher iPhone 13 price

To compensate for the higher cost, there is a good chance that Apple will opt for a higher price for the iPhone 13 and other future Apple products.

This is a development that we have not yet seen at Apple, but at other manufacturers: many laptop manufacturers, for example, had to raise their prices by 5 to 10% in the past year due to chip shortages.

It is not yet known exactly how much the price of the iPhone 13 will increase if Apple actually chooses to factor the higher costs of TSMC into the price. The price is therefore in any case higher than that of the iPhone 12, which has a suggested retail price of € 812.10 at Apple – below you can see the best deals at the moment.

iPhone 13: when now?

In September, we expect an Apple event to announce the iPhone 13. Of course you can read on our website how expensive it will be.

Source: via MacRumors