Splitgate gets new Contamination game mode with Season 0

Splitgate will start a Season 0 with the beta version of the game. The season includes a new battle pass, a new map and a new game mode. The makers say they still don’t know when the beta period will be over.

Season 0 is the first major update to the Portal-esque sci-fi shooter. Maker 1047 Games writes on the PlayStation Blog that the new season will get several new features. For example, there is a new map: Karman Station, and a new Battle Pass in which players can collect ‘hundreds of levels with new items’. There are also new skins for weapons and equipment, and players can use new emotes.

The game also gets a new mode: Contamination. In game mode, two teams play against each other with a team consisting of ‘infected’ players. If a team member from the other team is hit by an infected player, he will also be infected. According to the makers, players have been asking for such a game mode for some time.

It is not yet clear when Splitgate will leave the beta period. Earlier this month, the makers said the game will remain in beta for now. That happens because of its great popularity. 1047 Games says it will take more time to scale up server capacity.