Auvik – Network Monitoring Tool

Auvik is a cloud-based managed service provider (MSP) that helps to manage and deliver profitable network services. It’s network infrastructure RMM (remote monitoring and management) provides insight into client networks and automates complicated, time-consuming tasks. You can manage multiple networks in one dashboard with Auvik. Due to this users can switch easily between clients for a smooth workflow.

Auvik’s can display neat, geographic map of the client network in dashoard with information on how the user’s clients are connected and their location. All clients visually presented on the map provide detailed status information to help users prepare for initial assessments and quotes. Each topology is also managed in real-time.

With Auvik, there is no need to manually login to each device when searching for an IP address. The network evidence feature enables users to simply type in the device name to automatically see where it has been seen across the network, reducing troubleshooting time. All previous data and work history is stored on Auvik’s cloud, and provides users with detailed records useful for analysis, troubleshooting issues, and generating reports.