IMEC increases capacity of solid-state battery

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The Belgian technology institute IMEC has developed a so-called solid-state battery based on lithium ions with good properties. IMEC speaks of a milestone in its aim to surpass the capacities of li-ion batteries based on liquids.

The energy density of the solid-state Li-ion battery developed by IMEC is 200Wh / l and the charging time is two o’clock. The development is an important step for the institute’s goal to have a solid-state battery of 1000Wh / l with a loading time of half an hour ready by 2024. By that time, solid-state batteries with those properties would exceed those of liquid variants
IMEC uses a solid electrolyte based on nanocomposites. This material strengthens the transport of the lithium ions between the anode and the cathode. The advantage of the material would be furthermore that its application can be integrated into existing production methods for batteries. It can be applied as a liquid, which occupies the space between the electrodes. The liquid hardens, but remains elastic, which is positive for the life of the battery.
The hardened material forms channels in the electrolyte, the walls of which make the lithium ions quickly transported through the material. IMEC mainly sees application for electric vehicles. Scientists have been working on solid-state batteries for some time. These types of batteries are safer because they do not contain liquids that can leak. There are also advantages in terms of size and weight, because the casings do not have to be as strong as with current li-ion batteries.

Imec’s innovative solid-state-accutechnology from IMEC on Vimeo


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