OnePlus places teaser for a likely thin, high-capacity phone battery

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OnePlus has posted a teaser showcasing something it's calling the Glacier Battery. It would be a smartphone battery with a different chemical composition, which therefore combines a higher capacity with a small thickness.

OnePlus says that it makes the announcement on Thursday in combination with the Chinese battery manufacturer CATL. That manufacturer is particularly large in the market for batteries for electric cars. According to the manufacturer, the Glacier Battery would enable a longer battery life due to a higher capacity in a thinner battery.

The famous leaker Digital Chat Station claims that the OnePlus Ace3 Pro will be the first smartphone with a Glacier Battery. The phone has a thickness of up to 8.9 mm and contains a 6100mAh battery, which can be charged with 100W and fully charged again within half an hour. Nowadays, smartphones often have batteries with a capacity of 5000mAh, although 6000mAh batteries are common. In addition to a different material for the negative electrode, the new battery would also have a different cell structure to make the thinner housing possible.

Years ago, OnePlus was one of the first manufacturers to enable faster charging on smartphones with Dash Charge, which was later called Warp Charge.

OnePlus teaser Glacier Battery

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