Auto Chess Publisher Releases Mobile Moba Game Based On Own Chess Game

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Dragonest, the publisher of the previously popular game Auto Chess, is coming with its own moba game. That game will have some similarities with Dota 2 and League of Legends. The characters from Auto Chess, among others, will be found in the new moba game.

The publisher previously published a video announcing the development of the new moba game. This game will be called Auto Chess Moba. All heroes will be available for free and there will be no paid runes present. In addition to transferring the heroes, the day and night system and the destructible objects from Auto Chess will also return in Auto Chess Moba. The title has so far only been presented as a mobile game. Whether there will be a PC version and when Auto Chess Moba will be ready is unknown.

Auto Chess pioneered the auto battler genre, a subgenre of strategy games in which characters battle against each other on a chessboard without player intervention. Auto Chess is a mod of the popular moba game Dota 2 that appeared in the Steam Workshop in 2019. The mod quickly became very popular, after which Dragonest made an official version called Auto Chess together with Drodo.

Other game companies jumped on the popularity of this genre. For example, Valve came up with Dota Underlords and Riot, the creator of the popular moba game League of Legends, released Teamfight Tactics. Blizzard also contributed with the arrival of Hearthstone: Battlegrounds, in fact a separate mode within the card game Hearthstone.

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